Malinska is the second largest tourist destination on the western coast of the island of Krk , connected to the mainland by the Krcki bridge. It is placed 13 km north of the town of Krk , in a large bay of rich vegetation and several beautiful sandy and pebble beaches. Besides private accommodation, there are hotels, campsites and villas with pools. Malinska, first mentioned in the 15th century, due to its dense forests, was the island's export harbor for wood. There are 3 swimming areas, a promenade along the coast called "Rajski put", and several facilities for tennis, mini golf, boccie, bowling, equestrian sports and water sports, such as diving, sailing and fishing. Like other tourist centers, Malinska offers excellent entertainment (cultural events, regattas and local festivals), and delicious food in the konobas (local restaurants) that serve home-grown vegetables, wine and recently caught fish or several fancy restaurants.

Malinska is ideal for those looking for a well-known tourist destination and we recommend it to families, outdoor enthusiasts and young people looking for fun.

We recommend: parish church / 15th century Franciscan monastery with library and museum in Porat / ruins of an 11th century Benedictine monastery and church in Sv. Martin bay / Omisalj / town of Krk / Dobrinj - the oldest settlement on the island and the medieval center of Glagolithic culture.

Did you know: Krcki bridge had the greatest span in the world when built in 1981. It is 85 m greater than the bridge in Sydney which held the record before the Krcki bridge was built.